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Licence to Copy

Licence to Copy


This generous licence agreement upon purchase granted by Note Perfect will permit the purchaser to duplicate purchased CDs and DOWNLOADED FILES as audio or data CDs and on flash drives for distribution to their choir on the following terms.

All purchases have the potential to have a licence to copy within the owners singing organisation* only, and will be granted to the following categories. *(A singing organisation is termed as a choir or singing group, within any organisation).

For Choirs :

  • Individual Names who purchase choir CDs or Downloads (IE The person who purchases - e.g. John Doe - Even personally owed copies will be licensed to copy within the owners singing organisation).

  • Church / Choral or Singing Organisation* Names (IE St. John's Episcopal Church - Townsname / Townsname Chorale / Brightwater Singers etc).

  • School / University / Educational Institutions Music Departments. (We are proud that many of these Institutions regularly use our work).

For Soloist :

  • Individuals who purchase Soloist CDs  or Downloads generally do not need to copy their purchase to others. For this reason we will generally not issue a licence to copy. However we will happily do so without charge on application, provided it is with the singers own singing organisation. Please provide your Note Perfect Order Number as proof of purchase.

  • A licence will be provided automatically for soloist items with combined purchases that include items for choirs.

In a broad sense, most people and purchases can fall into these categories, however there are exceptions listed at the end of this page.

Note that:-

  • The licence grants permission to duplicate music purchased to members of their choir and/or singing organisation either on CD, Digital Memory or tape, in audio or data format.
  • The act of purchasing any of our work, or downloading our free works is an act of legally agreeing to and abiding by all the terms of the licence unreservedly.
  • The music must never be altered, reconstructed or remastered.
  • The purchaser may recover cost's for materials without profit or financial gain. (i.e cost of CD provided to the singer, must not include either in whole or in part the cost of the orginally purchased master CD or download cost, labour time, or for fund raising).
  • Note Perfect music or files must not :-
    • be uploaded to (distributed via) a public/private server.
    • be uploaded to or be on any cloud services - this includes unencrypted and encrypted.
    • be made available on any Peer to Peer (P2P) networking service.
    • be sold, resold or lent.
    • be provided as tuition in a class or to an individal as part of a training program offered by an Educational institution or a private tutor, without written approval or the purchase of a licence to do so from Note Perfect. The licence granted here is specifically for choirs and soloists who sing with choirs. For any other purpose you must provide full detail to Note Perfect.
    • be copied WITHOUT providing a copy of the licence provided at the time of purchase with downloads, or included in the CD package. If a licence is lost, we will provide a replacement according to the current terms.
    • be duplicated to persons or choirs outside the owners usual association or relationship under any circumstance.
    • be copied to others by those who have already received a copy.
    • be stored online, either in a private or a public facility.
  • There are exceptions to the licence - See Exceptions below.

If the purchaser is an individual who changes choirs, they may distribute to their new choir.

If a choir changes name, the licence to copy may continue. Please feel free to ask us for a revised licence. (No charge). Quote Note Perfect Licence Number for change.

An actual photocopy or scan of the licence sheet must accompany every CD/Tape Memory Device, and include the name of the original owner and licence number. This is supplied in the CD case or in the case of downloads, provided by email normally within 2 business days, since this still has to be manually prepared; however feel free to start the process of making distribution copies for your choir. Copies must not be passed on to other choirs or singing organisations other that the one with whom you are affiliated.

This licence permits the owner to make adequate back ups of the recording for safeguard.

Apart from an individual purchaser changing the choir that they belong to or a choir changing their name above, The recording (music files or CDs) and Licence is not transferable and must not be sold or passed on to another choir. It may not be a gift unless it was a gift as the reason for purchase, where the name of the recipient should be specified at the time of purchase.

The act of purchasing is deemed as a binding agreement to this licence.

The licence is granted to the purchaser and not to the persons to whom the music are distributed.

This Licence may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice, but will not effect already purchased downloads or CD's (i.e. If you hold a licence it will remain valid).

The original purchaser is responsible for downloading and controlling distribution, login and password must not be passed on to others in your choir for download, However login and password may be used at board level for choirs, singing organisations and Educational establishments.

NB. We will not issue licences to Company Names or organisations that clearly have nothing to do with music. (IE. Coolwind Air Conditioning INC / Hartborough City Council etc, unless it is adequately explained as to their interest - (This is why we need a name of an Individual / church / singing / or educational institution). So if you are purchasing through a company (as some people do) please provide an Individual Name, Church, Music Organisation, or Educational Institution, there is a facility to add a message at check out, or you can email us. Without a licence copying is prohibited. Organisations that will not be licenced include Music or record retailers.

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